Specialiced in integral management

Advanced engineering



We design custom sensors that seamlessly integrate with the uniqueness of each project. Our commitment ensures precise and efficient adaptation, exclusively tailored to your specific needs. At the intersection of innovation and customization, we create cutting-edge sensor solutions for the success of your project.

Predictive maintenance

We optimize your digital environment through advanced monitoring, incorporating various technologies. Our early warning system and customization through ad-hoc programming are distinctive. We transform signals into solutions through our cutting-edge signal processing. Discover the future with our leading signal processing technology.


We offer exceptional technical support in hydrogeological and geophysical studies. Our ground inspection, without compromising its integrity, encompasses advanced technologies such as GPR, ERT, TDEM, magnetometry, and gravimetry. Additionally, we redefine the obtained results to provide a renewed and accurate perspective, surpassing expectations at each phase of the process.


We revolutionize engineering through our highly specialized numerical simulation service. Using various software applications, we explore everything from groundwater flow to associated mass and energy transport, wave propagation, vibrations, electric currents, and electronics. Additionally, we create coupled models that integrate diverse physical disciplines and 'digital twins' to deliver an unparalleled experience in each simulation.

Data science

Immerse yourself in the era of innovation with our prominent services: machine learning, data processing and visualization, and Big Data. We unlock the potential of information, transforming complexities into impactful solutions. Explore the future of analytics with us.

R&D Technology

At the forefront of progress, we propel technological advancement in both Industry 4.0 and environmental engineering. From theoretical analyses to innovations in hardware and software, with a revolutionary focus on manufacturing. We break barriers to sculpt a sustainable future, thereby defining the boundaries of excellence in research and development..


At BYM Ingema, we not only offer services, but unleash innovation with advanced engineering solutions that redefine standards. Our comprehensive services, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, embrace innovation in the fields of industry, environment, energy, civil engineering, construction, and R&D. We are architects of a future where excellence is the norm, and customer satisfaction is our distinctive signature.