BYM TECH, as an unrestrained innovation-driving entity, stands at the forefront where distinguished minds converge to conceive future technology. Anchored in the core of research and development, BYM TECH not only originates but also reconfigures predefined limits, charting a course toward an unprecedented technological horizon.


At BYM TECH, we are committed to developing innovative ideas that not only meet the needs of our clients but also bring significant value to society as a whole, reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence and positive contribution.




We provide specialized services in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom sensors tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Predictive maintenance

We design early warning monitoring systems for the implementation of predictive maintenance in structures, facilities, and mechanisms, ensuring efficient operations and extended lifespan.


We offer specialized scientific consulting services in hydrogeological and geophysical studies. We incorporate new advanced techniques and analyses to provide a deeper and more precise understanding of the issue. Furthermore, we carry out the reinterpretation of results, ensuring solutions based on innovation and scientific advancement.


We refine processes through numerical simulation, utilizing coupled models and digital twins for precise and advanced optimization.

Data science

We implement machine learning techniques and big data analysis, bringing innovation and predictive capability to the forefront of our research and development services.

External R&D department

We outsource the Research and Development (R&D) department for companies, providing customized and specialized solutions that drive innovation and business growth.


Industry and Mining

We provide solutions to optimize production and operation techniques in extractive and manufacturing industries.


We provide comprehensive solutions to address various environmental issues, with a primary focus on aspects related to water and subsurface.


We provide comprehensive solutions for production, network transportation, and distribution.

Civil works and Construction

Solutions both for preliminary studies, and for work execution and its maintenance.



Modular Remote Monitoring System consisting of a sensors network and a central control unit for processing, data analysis, communication of results and issuance of alerts.

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Design and creation of a wireless leak detection system with early warning that allows reaction and planning of possible incidents in supply networks.

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Design and creation of a ground instabilities wireless system with early warning that allows immediate reaction to any incident or difficulty.

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Design and creation of a monitoring system for continuous recording and transmission of data over long distances, with real-time data access.

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