BYM NDT specializes in the characterization of structures and mechanisms using various techniques and advanced equipment, merging scientific precision with innovation.


BYM NDT conducts non-invasive inspections of structures and mechanisms using various cutting-edge techniques and equipment, blending scientific precision with innovative approaches.




Custom sensor design and adaptation of commercial sensors. We excel in the development of innovative technologies, implementation of IoT connection systems, and in-house production using state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing technology.

Predictive maintenance

We conceive advanced early warning systems through the design of proprietary sensors or the adaptation of commercial sensors, aimed at conducting predictive maintenance on structures, facilities, and mechanisms.


We implement a comprehensive early warning monitoring system for hydraulic installations and natural environments, utilizing advanced technologies that enable proactive and efficient management of resources and environmental conditions.


We conduct numerical simulations to analyze the propagation of waves, vibrations, electrical currents, and electronic phenomena, as well as flow in pipes. Additionally, we work with coupled models and the creation of Digital Twins for a comprehensive and precise understanding of the studied systems.

Data science

We specialize in the advanced processing and treatment of data, strategically incorporating techniques of Machine Learning and Big Data. Our ability to handle large sets of complex data enables us to extract meaningful insights and provide innovative analytical solutions.

R&D Technology

We specialize in Research and Development (R&D) of advanced technologies to create specific monitoring systems tailored precisely to the unique needs of each project. Our dedication lies in providing innovative and highly efficient solutions that exceed client expectations.


Industry and Mining

Solutions to control and monitoring the production and operation in extractive and transforming industries.


Solutions to examine and monitoring different environmental problems.


Solutions to inspect and monitoring production, network transport and distribution.

Civil works and Construction

Solutions for the verification and monitoring of civil works and construction.