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BYM Ingema is formed of a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience working together, composed of engineers, physicists, geologists and specialist technicians. We offer solutions adapted to the real needs of our clients in the fields of industry, environment, energy, civil and construction works and R&D.


Our objective is based on offering efficient solutions at the highest level adapted to the needs of the client, which meet their expectations and create economic and social value in a sustainable way.


To be a benchmark in the advanced engineering sector, through our absolute commitment to quality, transparency, safety and environment respect.


Our values ​​focus on professionalism, commitment, quality, innovation and teamwork aimed at excellence in integral management.


BYM is a company that starts its activity in 2012. In its beginnings, the company dedicated its main activity to integral maintenance.

BYM becomes BYM Ingema in 2020, creating an engineering department.

In 2021, BYM Ingema suffers a substantial restructuring, an University of Oviedo research became part of its team and mainly focusing its services on advanced engineering, thus forming a specialized department oriented towards research and development within the Sensory and Non-Destructive Testing areas.

In 2022, BYM Ingema incorporates the Hydrogeology and Geophysics areas into its services.

Nowadays, BYM Ingema offers integral services to its clients to provide answers and solutions to their needs in the fields of industry, environment, energy, civil and construction works and R&D.


Multidisciplinary, technical and trained team with more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of sensors, non-destructive testing, hydrogeology and geophysics. Sensorics, predictive maintenance, multiphysics numerical modelling, data science and technology development R&D services are included.

Each situation analysis before each project is our premise to support your investment and our name.

The knowledge updating in the advances of each disciplinary field to which we are dedicated, added to the experience and the university level of our professionals, guarantee optimal and reliable advice for each need.

All our technical work is documented in detailed reports and results presentations to each of our clients.

During the course of the project, we offer the client a comprehensive consulting service related to the problems of their project.

Each project contains exact logistics and work deadlines, attending to the management times of our clients.


BYM Ingema is made up of 5 strategic areas.

BYM SENSOR is dedicated to the design, development and production of its own sensors.

BYM NDT performs non-destructive tests on structures.

BYM HYDRO is dedicated to the hydrogeology field.

BYM GEOPHYS makes non-destructive tests on natural media.

BYM TECH is the R&D department dedicated to the development of its own technology.

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