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At BYM Ingema, we bring together outstanding talents with over 15 years of collaborative experience. Our multidisciplinary team, composed of engineers, physicists, geologists, and technical specialists, merges to provide customized solutions that transform the reality for our clients in the fields of industry, environment, energy, civil engineering, construction, and R&D.


Our goal is to offer efficient solutions at the highest level tailored to the client’s needs, meeting their expectations, and creating economic and social value in a sustainable manner.


To stand out as undisputed leaders in the field of advanced engineering, basing our excellence on an unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, safety, and profound respect for the environment.


Our philosophy stands out for unwavering professionalism, tireless commitment, constant pursuit of quality, limitless innovation, and a teamwork ethos that transcends boundaries – all aimed at achieving excellence in integral management.


In the horizon of 2012, BYM was born as a company primarily dedicated to comprehensive maintenance. Its evolution marked a milestone in 2020 when it transformed into BYM Ingema, giving rise to an engineering department that laid the foundation for its future.

The year 2021 brought about a substantial reconfiguration for BYM Ingema. The integration of a research team from the University of Oviedo marked a turning point, steering its services towards advanced engineering. This strategic shift gave rise to a specialized department dedicated to research and development in the areas of Sensing and Non-Destructive Testing. In the same year, it expanded its services to encompass the fields of Hydrogeology and Geophysics.

In 2023, BYM Ingema was consecrated as a Technology-Based Company (TBC), reflecting its commitment to technological forefront. Today, the company stands as a benchmark, offering comprehensive services that meet the demands of its clients in the fields of industry, environment, energy, civil engineering, construction, and R&D



In the realm of professionalism, we stand out due to our technical and multidisciplinary team with over 15 years of experience in the design and development of sensors, non-destructive testing, hydrogeology, and geophysics. We provide a wide range of services, including sensing technology, predictive maintenance, multifysical numerical modeling, data science, and R&D technology development. This highly skilled team is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our services.

We anticipate every challenge before embarking on a project, solidifying our commitment to safeguard your investment and our reputation.

Our ongoing pursuit of updated knowledge in the forefronts of each discipline we engage with, backed by the experience and university-level expertise of our professionals, ensures unparalleled and reliable guidance for every requirement.

Every facet of our technical work is meticulously documented in comprehensive reports, along with the detailed presentation of results tailored to each of our clients.

Throughout the project’s progression, we provide our clients with a comprehensive consulting service tailored to address the challenges specific to their project.

Each project contains exact logistics and work deadlines, attending to the management times of our clients.

Our team

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals that allow us to guarantee the highest quality in our service.

Enol Fernández


Industrial engineer specialized in sensorization, data science and 3D printing.

Pablo García


Physicist – PhD specialist in modelling and data science.

David Rubio

Strategic direction/Founder

Physicist – PhD specialist in communications and signal processing.

Carlos Suárez

Strategic direction/Founder

Mining engineer specializing in communications and modeling.

Lorena Álvarez

Technical Dept.

Geologist – PhD specializing in hydrogeophysics and modelling.

Luis Calvo

Technical Dept.

Civil engineer specializing in hydrogeophysics and modelling.


BYM Ingema is made up of 5 strategic areas.

BYM SENSOR is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of its own sensors, paving the way for technological innovation.

BYM NDT conducts cutting-edge non-destructive testing on various structures, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

BYM HYDRO leads innovation in the field of hydrogeology, thoroughly exploring various possibilities to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.

BYM GEOPHYS explores natural environments through non-destructive testing, employing advanced technologies to accurately and precisely reveal the characteristics and physical properties of the earth.

BYM TECH is the R&D department dedicated to the development of proprietary technology, embodying the forefront of innovation and leveraging its expertise to create pioneering technology that redefines the boundaries of knowledge and excellence.

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