Numerical modelling


Numerical modeling emerges as an essential tool that significantly expands the understanding of problems to be solved. Through advanced scientific approaches, it provides a detailed and comprehensive insight, enabling thorough analysis and offering greater clarity in addressing the challenges posed.

Numerical models

Numerical models are mathematical representations of real-world phenomena designed to simulate and predict their behavior through the use of computational techniques. These models are applied in various disciplines, such as hydrogeology, engineering, and physics, among others. They serve to provide a detailed and quantitative understanding of complex systems, allowing for simulations, scenario analysis, and prediction of outcomes under controlled conditions. Numerical models play an essential role in scientific research, informed decision-making, and strategy design.

Numerical simulations

We use various simulation software tools, such as COMSOL Multiphysics, Modflow, and Feflow. This enables us to provide specialized services in modeling and analysis, ensuring an advanced and efficient approach in our solutions.

Wave propagation

Exploration of natural resources and assessment of geological risks. Impact on structures. Absorption and active control of sound.


Vibrational response of structures. Machinery optimization. Mechanical properties and behavior of materials.

Electric currents

Machinery optimization. Mechanical properties and behavior of materials.


Optimization of electrical circuits. Analysis of dynamic and static behavior. Functionality verification. Diagnosis and problem resolution. Energy efficiency.

Water flow

Water resources estimation. Aquifer management. Optimization of mining processes. Study of the influence of engineering works. Impact of climate change. Environmental studies.


Geothermal resources estimation. Design and optimization of resource exploitation. Fluid interaction analysis. Environmental Impact Assessment. Feasibility studies.

Saltwater intrusion

Water resources planning. Early detection. Vulnerability studies. Groundwater extraction management. Design of prevention barriers. Environmental Impact Assessment.


Pollution studies. Groundwater management. Design of environmental infrastructures. Waste management. Regulatory compliance. Environmental Impact Studies.

Scientific consulting

We offer specialized services in scientific consulting for numerical modeling, standing out for our advanced approach in numerical simulation of environmental processes. We distinguish ourselves by going beyond conventional models, addressing the inherent complexity of natural systems. Our commitment is to carefully manage uncertainties associated with critical predictions, providing informed and efficient solutions in various fields of application. Trust us to overcome the challenges of numerical modeling.



Industry and Mining

We provide specialized solutions for the numerical study and assessment of structures, processes, and natural environments in the field of extractive and manufacturing industries.


We offer numerical simulation services to address various environmental issues, such as floods, contaminants, intrusions, climate change, among others.


We conduct numerical optimization in production processes, network transportation, and energy distribution to maximize efficiency and performance.

Civil works and Construction

We provide solutions based on numerical modeling to address challenges related to water, subsurface, and structures, covering preliminary studies, project execution, and maintenance.