BYM GEOPHYS conducts non-destructive terrain inspections using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, providing precise information about the geological and geotechnical characteristics of the subsurface.


BYM GEOPHYS specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to hydrogeological, geological, and structural challenges through various advanced geophysical techniques. Our team of experts utilizes specialized methodologies to meticulously assess the subsurface, delivering effective solutions backed by a profound understanding of the issues at hand.




We innovate through the design, development, and manufacturing of custom sensors, while specifically adapting commercial sensors for high-performance geophysical characterizations.

Predictive maintenance

We implement an advanced monitoring system with early warning capabilities, covering a variety of critical terrains including slopes, dams, and potential collapses.


We conduct comprehensive geophysical characterization, encompassing detailed information gathering, on-site data collection, and dedicated fieldwork. Additionally, we provide specialized technical assistance to optimize geophysical studies, ensuring accurate and efficient results.


Numerical simulation of wave propagation, vibrations, electrical currents, and electronic phenomena, including coupled models for integrated and precise analysis.

Data science

Specializing in advanced data processing, we employ Machine Learning and Big Data techniques for detailed analysis and extraction of meaningful patterns. Our customized solution optimizes information management for precise strategic decision-making.

R&D Technology

Scientific Consulting and Development of Applied Research Studies in geophysics to drive innovation and technological advancement in your company.


Industry and Mining

We provide solutions for inspecting and monitoring terrain and artificial structures during production and operation tasks in extractive and manufacturing industries.


Solutions to control and monitor environmental aspects associated with the terrain, such as slope instability, soil alterations, climate change, etc.


We provide solutions to enhance efficiency in production, network transportation, and energy distribution.

Civil works and Construction

Solutions to address challenges related to the terrain, whether in preliminary studies, during project execution, or in subsequent maintenance.