We design custom sensors to seamlessly integrate with the uniqueness of each project, providing precise and efficient adaptation to address your specific needs at the strategic intersection of innovation and customization.

Specialized sensors

Sensorization is a comprehensive process that involves the construction and configuration of specialized equipment and devices with the aim of collecting specific data in various environments. These devices are designed to be remotely controlled, which means they can be monitored and managed from distant locations through communication via data networks or the internet.


These services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client and ensure the success of their remote monitoring and control projects..

Development and design of sensors

Selection of appropriate sensor technologies. Electronic circuit design. Creation of housings and encapsulation. Implementation of IoT.

Integration of commercial sensors

Appropriate selection of commercial sensors. Integration with communication systems. Remote control. IoT implementation.

Customization of data acquisition platforms

Development of control and data acquisition software. Configuration of communication networks. Integration with existing data management systems.

Installation and commissioning

Effective sensor network design. Environmentally adapted configuration. Configuration testing.

Installation maintenance

Periodic calibration of sensors. Troubleshooting diagnostics. Equipment repair.

Technical support

We provide comprehensive technical support in the conception, development, management, and implementation of sensorization projects, ensuring expert and efficient execution at all stages of the process, whether designing custom sensors or adapting commercial solutions.

Scientific consulting

We provide specialized scientific consulting in the design and adaptation of sensors, offering guidance with detailed theoretical analyses and applied research studies in sensorization. Committed to excellence, we ensure a rigorous approach in every project, guaranteeing precise and efficient solutions.



Industry and Mining

We provide specialized sensorization solutions to analyze structures, processes, and natural environments in the extractive and manufacturing industry.


We offer sensorization services to address a variety of environmental challenges, such as floods, pollutants, intrusions, climate change, and more.


We optimize production processes, networked transportation, and energy distribution through sensorization to maximize efficiency and performance in energy industries.

Civil works and Construction

We provide sensorization-based solutions to address challenges related to water, subsurface, and structures, covering preliminary studies, project execution, and maintenance.