BYM HYDRO specializes in applied hydrology, designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of our clients through advanced scientific methodologies.


BYM HYDRO addresses hydrogeological issues and associated aspects by combining classical techniques with advanced scientific methodologies.




Conceiving, developing, and manufacturing bespoke sensors, as well as making specific adaptations to commercial sensors, for conducting rigorous hydrological characterizations.

Predictive maintenance

Advanced monitoring with early warning systems for the surveillance of waters, contaminants, saline intrusions, geothermal activity, hydraulic facilities, and other pertinent aspects.


We tackle hydrogeological characterization through comprehensive data collection, field sampling, and support using advanced geophysical techniques. We provide comprehensive technical assistance to drive hydrological studies with precision and scientific rigor.


Cutting-edge numerical simulation utilizing various specialized software to address flow, geothermal processes, energy and contaminant transport. We implement coupled multiphysics models to achieve a thorough and accurate understanding in the analysis of these phenomena.

Data science

Processing and treatment of data with a scientific approach, powered by machine learning techniques and the analysis of large datasets (Big Data), delivering cutting-edge solutions with significant impact.

R&D Technology

Scientific consulting specializing in the development of applied research studies in hydrogeology, combining analytical precision and advanced methods to generate innovative knowledge.


Industry and Mining

Solutions for studying and monitoring water and potential associated contaminants in the production and operation tasks of extractive and manufacturing industries.


Solutions to manage and monitor various environmental challenges associated with water: floods, contaminants, climate change, etc.


Solutions to optimize the production, network transportation, and distribution of hydraulic and geothermal energy.

Civil works and Construction

We provide solutions for water-related challenges, covering both preliminary studies and the execution and maintenance of projects.